There are basically three types of civil registry related services that are being provided by the local government, and these are Birth Certification, Marriage Licensing and Death Certification.

  • Birth Certification

    1. On time Registration P35.00,  bring the  following: Child medical record, parents marriage certificate and cedula  2. Delayed Registration- P110.00, bring the following: School record, Child medical record and Parents marriage certificate. Click to download the Birth Registration form.

  • Marriage Licensing

    Application for Marriage License-P200.00, bring the following: Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, Cedula, Parents/Guardian Consent (if below 25 years old), attend Family Planning seminar to be scheduled. Click to download Marriage Application Form here.

  • Death Certification

    Visit the civil registrar office and report the deceased personal circumstances. Pay burial permit -P50.00. Click here to download the form here.