This section covers the different citizen welfare-related services made available by the local government. They are grouped as follows: Health Care, Social Welfare and Police Assistance.

  • Health Care

    1. Maternal Care Services -Provides care services to pregnant, postpartum and lactating mothers for comprehensive maternal care. This service is available in all barangay health stations of Libungan as scheduled. In the Main Health Center, it is offered Monday to Friday office hours only.
    2. Out-Patient/Medical Consultation – Provides medical assistance to any individual who needs medical attention. This aims to diagnose, treat illnesses and provide appropriate medical assistance.
    3. Dental Care -The service is available to adults, pregnant mothers, pre-schoolers and school age children to prevent and treat dental diseases. Dental consultation and tooth extraction are available Mondays to Fridays office hours only.
  • Social Welfare

    1. Program on Older Persons or Senior Citizens
    2. Program for Persons with Disability
    3. Program on Child and Youth Welfare
    4. Program on Women’s Welfare
    5. Program on Solo Parents Welfare
    6. Emergency Assistance Program
    7. Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation (AICS)
    8. Social Case Study Report Services
    9. Special Programs for Community Development
  • Police Assistance

    1. Contact PNP Chief of Police (PSI Anecito Acabo) @ +639088103699
    2. Contact the Police Station @ +63(064) 229-5111
    3. Contact Radio Room (Arcadio C. Baguio) @ +639488901228
  • Local Fire Brigade

    1. Contact Fire Station @ +63 (064) 229-5255
    2. Contact Radio Room (Arcadio C. Baguio) @ +639488901228