The Libungan Investment Promotion Office (LIPO) serves to assist you in your business set-up needs. This page is your FAQ buster and portal to almost everything there is to know, especially for your paperwork.

  • Business Profile/Opportunities

    Libungan is a booming town in the PALMA area; although generally an agricultural area, myriad services are already available.  Investments in restaurants and accomodation is still lacking and awaiting prospective investors. Please come and visit Libungan.
  • Starting a Business

    All business permits and licenses are to be renewed within the first 20 days of January. During this period, the Municipal Government of Libungan has a ONE-STOP SHOP program wherein all offices with direct participation in the processing of the application for renewal of business permits and licenses are housed in one place to help facilitate the smooth flow of documents; thus, saving the clientele’s money, time and effort.

    Applications for renewal of business permits and licenses processed after the deadline, January 20, shall be subject to a surcharge of 25% of the amount of tax, fees or other impositions due plus an interest of 2% per month of the unpaid taxes, fees or charges including surcharges, until such amount is fully paid. No business permit and license shall be renewed unless payment of business tax on the previous year is fully paid. To avoid delay in the processing of application for renewal of business permit and license, the following requirements are to be complied with:

    1. Obtain application for Business Permit at the Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO) in charge.

    2. Fill up the application form and secure all requirements provided and pay the necessary fees at the Treasury Office.

    1. Zoning Clearance @ MPDC Office
    2. Building Permit/Occupancy Permit @ Engineering Office
    3. Health Certificate @ Health Office
    4. Environmental Certificate @ MENRO
    5. Real Property Tax Payment @ Municipal Treasury Office
    6. Barangay Clearance of business owner
    7. Fire Inspection Certificate @ BFP
    8. DTI Business Name Registration @ DTI
    9. BIR Certificate of Registration @ BIR Municipal Office

    Note: In the event of partial compliance of the required documents, the business owner has the option to secure and file an affidavit of undertaking to be able to obtain temporary business permit during the year.

    3. File the application form at the BPLO and wait awhile for the issuance of the Business Permit.