Libungan is very accessible by land transportation. It is also a gateway to Municipality of Alamada, Banisilan and the Province of Bukidnon.

  • By Plane

    By Plane – Mode of Transportation. Libungan is 45 kilometers away from Cotabato Airport (Awang). From the airport, ride a tricycle towards the highway and pay P8.00; then disembark and ride a jeepney towards Cotabato City and drop off at the bus terminal or van terminal plying Midsayap, Kidapawan or Davao City and pay P15.00. Ride bus/van from the bus/van terminal and drop off in Libungan public market terminal and pay P45.00-P50.00.
  • By Boat

    By Boat – Mode of Transportation. Libungan is 40 kilometers away from Polloc Seaport; for shipping concerns. Passenger vessels was already stopped by the government regulators.
  • By Land

    By Land – Mode of Transportation. Libungan is very accessible by van, bus, motorcycle, cars of various nomenclature.

    It is the gateway to Municipality of Alamada and Banisilan via Banisilan-Guiling-Alamada-Libungan secondary national highway. Libungan is also part of the Cotabato-Davao primary national highway. The major and minor barangay roads are accessible all through out the year being all-weather roads.

    The Poblacion is serviced by motorcycles-for-hire and tricycles roaming around town. Other barangays are serviced by motorcycles-for-hire and private vehicles.